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Scratch Your Way to a Fortune Online with Scratch Cards.

Scratch cards have been big offline games for some time and with huge instant wins it's easy to see why. The growth in scratch card popularity resulted in a number of UK online casinos adopting these great games, bringing about a number of changes to genre. The result is that many scratch card players now believe that the online versions are better than their offline counterparts.

They highlighted a number of factors:

  • An endless supply of scratch cards are available online, meaning players can always get that extra card from the comfort of their own home.
  • Unlike off line scratch cards, online casinos reward scratch card players for their custom with loyalty points and other various promotions.
  • Online casinos feature a number of different scratch cards, with different themes and payouts depending on your tastes.
  • Online players can select how much they want to buy each scratch card for.

You can play online scratch cards now by joining an online casino below:

  Scratch Card Casino Online Casino Bonus Review  
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Online Scratch Cards work in the same way as offline cards. Simply select the scratch card game to play and then select how much you want to buy the card for (this will effect the maximum payout amount). The scratch card will appear and the player will have to select which panels to scratch (players can also elect to scratch all the panels at once) to reveal prizes.

Dragons Fortune - Scratch Card - Play at 32Red Online Casino Freezing Furballs - Scratch Cards - Play at 32Red Online Casino Super Zeroes - Scratch Cards - Play at 32Red Online Casino

As with off line scratch cards the aim is to match certain symbols on a single scratch card. The number needed and prize value varies with each, but all online scratch cards will payout in multipliers, i.e. a x25 multiplier prize will mutliply the cost of the card purchased by 25 times and return that value as a prize. So a simple £1 scratch card that wins a x20,000 prize will return a whopping £25,000 back.

Some scratch cards we recommend are:

  • Dragons Fortune at 32Red - patience is needed with this game as payouts can be quite rare, but stick with it as it has that whopping x20,000 multiplier jackpot!
  • Freezing Furballs at Dash - this scratch card perfect combines win frequency with a tasty x2,500 multiplier jackpot and a cute theme. There really is plenty of entertainment with this one.
  • Super Zeroes - play this scratch card for its great laugh-a-scratch theme, but you'll be laughing all the way to the bank if you hit the x10,000 multiplier jackpot!

Read 32Red's additional information on scratch cards.

Featured Scratch Card

32Red Online Casino

Dragons Fortune. Simply one of the biggest and best scratch cards in the businss. Who can argue when a few scratches can reveal a whopping x20,000 multiplier?

But its not just Dragons Fortune's jackpot that makes it our featured scratch card. The look and feel gives this game a lasting appeal that will never fade, regardless of how many cards you buy. So if its slick and rewarding scratch card entertainment your after then look no further than Dragons Fortune and 32Red Online Casino. PLAY NOW.


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