Progressive Jackpot Slots

Win the "big one" with progressive jackpot slot machines

Progressive jackpots mean one thing: big money. In fact some wins can lead to unbelievable, life changing amounts of money. They payout big and suddenly, where a progressive jackpot slot can sit dormant, slowing building up its prize fund when - bang! One spin and the whole lot drops and the online casino makes one lucky player very happy.

The greatest of these slots has to be Mega Moolah. In fact no other progressive jackpot slot machine comes close! Tthe biggest ever online payout was the result of a Mega Moolah spin, with a record $5,500,000 going to a Finnish man early in 2008. A 5 reel slot of gigantic proportions, it's definitely worth giving Mega Moolah a spin and if you do then we recommend 32Red Casino - home to big winners. 32Red has produced two millionaires and recently had one player win the same progressive jackpot slot twice in one month!

Mega Moolah - Progressive Jackpot Slots - RTG

Progressive jackpot slots build their gigantic totals with every spin. A small percentage of each bet is placed into a central prizepool that builds and waits for a winner to line up the jackpot symbols. The lucky player that triggers the jackpot gets the whole lot in the currency they play in. However, progressive wins are less frequent than regular wins on other slots, and, generally, payouts from the reels are not as generous. However there are progressive machines that do accommodate both, with big jackpots and reel wins, but do so by offering a smaller progressive jackpot. Same jackpot buzz but with added wins. All good!

Some progressive jackpot slots we recommend are:

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Mega Moolah - Progressive Jackpot Slots - RGT

It has to be Mega Moolah! No other slot can give you that buzz of not knowing whether the next spin could land you a guaranteed £1million! A King amongst the slots, you have to experience Mega Moolah at least once. Who knows, maybe once will be enough?.. We recommend 32Red. PLAY NOW!

Key Features: A guaranteed £1,000,000 jackpot! Need we say more?


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