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5 Reel slots are online slot machines that offer the player a more complex slot experience, with more paylines, an in-depth theme and, more importantly, big bonus features. All of which means a good 5 reel slot machine may give the player a lifetime of entertainment - plus there are so many that finding a similar 5 reel slot is really easy!

5 reel slots centre on bonus features or a lack of them, with three main types available. They are: bonus games, free spins and a reel focus only.

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Bonus games are triggered by the appearance of certain symbols in the reels or across a single payline. Bonuses normally involves leaving the reels and a game that invites the player to pick from a series of options. These vary in complexity and reward, but generally the player can expect each pick to reveal a certain coin prize, free spins or multiplier bonus. In some cases a 5 reel slot's jackpot can only be triggered in the bonus game.

Free spin centred 5 reel slots keep the player at the reels. Landing a combination of symbols can activate a certain number of free spins, which as the name suggests, the player will not have to pay for. Free spins can also come with a multiplier bonus,which, as you can imagine, can really develop some big coin wins.

Reel focus games are those that, quite simply, focus only on wins generated from the reels. This means a greater frequency and generosity on wins from the reels. There are, however, some games that employ a mixture of all three but this can dilute the features.

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Once you have selected the type of 5 reel slot to play then the next important step is picking a game that looks and feels right. Select a slot that will have a theme and appearance that appeals to you and, more importanty, one that you won't grow tired of quickly. Afterall, a endurance can be the key to big wins and you don't want to keep moving from slot to slot when you're hunting jackpots. Some 5 reel slots we recommend are:

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Tomb Raider - Secret of the Sword - 5 reel slots - RGT Casino.com



A relatively new online slot machine that has broken the mould and become the benchmark for all other slots. Tomb Raider - Secret of the Sword ( referred to as Tomb Raider 2) introduces players to new bonus features, crisp 3D graphics and stereo sounds, a detailed theme and story. Combine this with big wins from the reels and bonus games and Tomb Raider 2 is the complete 5 reel slot. Play this game at 32Red Casino. PLAY NOW!


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