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Get the edge over the house with our online roulette guide

Roulette is as popular online as it is off, with the same thrilling buzz at the digital wheels as a flutter in Vegas. Only you should make sure you play online roulette at a reptuable online casino, one that offers you an excellent sign-up bonus, first-class player support and promotions throughout your time at the casino. Where can you get all this plus the latest in online roulette games? 32Red Casino. PLAY NOW.

The first version of roulette can be dated back to the 17th century and revolutionary France. Since then the game has developed a number of different variants. You can learn more about these different online roulette games by clicking through the variants below.

All variants of roulette are generally available online, including a few that have had a few tweaks added to them, but why play online? Online roulette is convenient, the random number generators ensure a fair game and you can get more free chips on joining and on a regular, monthly basis.

So you want to try online roulette? Make sure you pick the right online casino - one that will offer your a good sign-up bonus, great online roulette games and fantastic player support. We recommend 32Red or Dash Casino. Both tick all the boxes and have excellent reputations.

Now you've found the right online roulette game and casino, you'll need some help to win. Here are the Rough Guide's top 5 online roulette tips:

  • Bet in patterns, so place chips on odds, evens and columns.
  • Even money bets (betting on colour, odds and evens etc) will keep you at the roulette wheel for longer, but, won't mean big wins. Decide what you want from your online roulette game before you start betting.
  • Hedge your bets. Mix even money bets with a few riskier bets (the higher the risk, the higher the return!) until you find the right balance.
  • Pick one online roulette variant and stick at it until you feel totally comfortable with it.
  • Most good online casinos will offer a free play option, giving you the perfect opportunity to learn the ropes.

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European Roulette Gold at 32Red: European roulette is by far the most popular online roulette variant, with one of the best margins (i.e. you are more likely to win) of all casino games. Meaning you can not only stay at the tables enjoying a great online roulette buzz, but also be in with a chance of hitting the big time. The Gold addition offers a sleek roulette design and betting interface with crisp 3D graphics. PLAY NOW!

Key features: Looks and feels amazing - just like the real thing! Great margin.


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