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French Roulette - the oldest and best form of roulette.

With a massive range of bets available to the player, French Roulette offers maximum entertainment and, with a low house margin, is one of the most rewarding casino experiences a player can have. Stacked with style and pinash, French Roulette has it all. We recommend you play this chic casino game with an equally stylish online casino and we can recommend only one that fits the bill: 32Red Online Casino - PLAY NOW!

French Roullete dates back to Revolutionary France where, inbetween a spot of beheading, people started playing a game that became the core of casinos the world over. The Rough Guide team have never been to a quality casino that doesn't have a French Roulette wheel!

Roulette is one of the most famous of all casino games whether the House be in Las Vegas or in Monte Carlo. Our online casino guide below explains the attractions of European Roulette, one of three types of Roulette, all of which are available at all good online casinos.

Roulette has broadly three variants: American Roulette; French Roulette; and the easier-to-play and value for money game, European Roulette.

What is it about Roulette that captivates players? The simplicity of the game itself with numbers generated by a Roulette Wheel coupled with sophisticated betting opportunities is probably what gives Roulette such popularity with all types of casino players.

European Roulette bets are in two main categories: Inside Bets which are placed on any Roulette numbers on the table (a bet on a single number for instance); and Outside Bets which are placed outside the European Roulette table layout (such as Odds or Evens).

Straight Up Bet
The most popular bet at the European Roulette Table is the Straight Up bet. This is a single bet on one of the numbers on the Roulette Wheel which goes from zero – in green – to 36 – in red. The winning odds for correctly selecting the number into which the Roulette Ball lands on the Wheel are 35-1 (or 35 times your stake). Place your chip(s) in the centre of the number section on the table for a Straight Up bet.

Split Bet
If you fancy covering more numbers for the same stake, you can place a Split Bet which is a bet on two adjacent numbers and also known as a two-number bet. Chips should be placed on the line that separates the two numbers selected and players are paid at 17-1 if either of the adjacent numbers are hit.

Street Bet
Also known as a three-number bet, the Street Bet covers three numbers in a line across the Roulette Table layout. For instance you could choose to cover 31 black, 32 red and 33 black by placing chips on the outside line at the start of the row or “street”. Payout odds are 11-1 for Street Bets.

Square Bet
As the name suggests, this is placing a bet on a block of four roulette numbers. Once you have picked your four numbers, place you chips on the spot in the centre of the four numbers on the table. Odds of reward are 8-1 if one of your block of four numbers is hit.

Line Bet
This is a bet on six Roulette numbers on the table layout and comprises of two rows. Also known as a six-number bet, the chip is placed on the line above Dozen bets so that is rests between the two rows you have selected for your Line Bet. Payout odds are 5-1.

Column Bet
Looking down the table from the far end of the wheel presents three distinct columns. Bets are paid at 2-1 (you are covering one third of the numbers) for selecting one of the columns down the table.

Dozen Bet
This is a bet on twelve numbers, either High (25 to 36), Middle (13 to 24) or Low (1 to 12). Sometimes these are referred to as First 12, Second 12 and Third 12. Payout odds for the Dozen bet are 2-1.

Even Money Bets
Even Money Bets at Roulette involve covering half the numbers (excluding zero) in your bet. You can choose either: Red or Black; Odds or Evens; or 1 to 18 and 19 to 36.

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French Roulette Tips

French Roulette Tips: Get extra value and entertainment from your French Roulette games with these tips:

1. Choose a favourite number and play it each spin for small stakes.
2.Pick the Column your favourite number is in and double your stakes.
3. Have a larger Even Money bet, also involving your favourite number,
4. Never chase losses by sticking to your budget.
5. Break up your French Roulette games - try an online slot for example.


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