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American Roulette - added risk equals bigger payouts

A popular off-shoot from the original, American roulette has a number of additions that make it both a little more challenging and little more profitable. The added generosity comes with extra risk and definitely more thrill per game. To see why many players consider American Roulette the ultimate variant, check out 32Red Casino. PLAY NOW!

Unlike European and French Roulette, American Roulette comes with an extra number - the double zero (00) - making a total of 38 numbers on the American Roulette wheel. One other noticeable difference is the number ordering on American Roulette wheels. Instead of the random sequences on European wheels, the American variant places them in pairs opposite each other, which makes betting a little easier and more convenient.

However, the extra numbers gives the house a greater advantage than with other roulette games, which means some players avoid American Roulette. Yes, the extra 0 does decrease a players chance of winning, but the payout for picking the right number increases accordingly - making it the ideal online roulette for those who like their roulette with a real, heat thumping edge.

American Roulette has stood the test time and has become a very popular casino game in all casinos, both online and off. If you fancy a spin of the American Roulette wheel, then we recommend 32Red Casino, who will take the heat out of any big initial American Roulette gambles with their incredibly generous 6 Pack Welcome Bonus - plus its a top class online casino in its own right. Learn more about this award-winning casino with our 32Red Casino review or simply PLAY NOW!

american roulette tips

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American Roulette Tips: Get the most of your american roulette games by following these basic hints and tips:

1. Never chase loses. Stick to your game plan and budget.
2. Take regular breaks to maintain composure.
3. Know the game! American Roulette has entricacies you must learn to win.
4. Take your time. It's online roulette so there's no rush!
5. Stick to even money bets initially. Get a feel for American Roulette by betting on colours, odds and evens.


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