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3 Card Poker - Something to brag about?

3 Card Poker is also known as Casino Brag in UK and is a highly popular card game at casinos. An easily understandable poker ladder-based game (with a key difference), 3 Card Poker offers entertainment and excitement thanks to regular returns from the House and an exotic side bet – the Pair Plus. In our online casino guide below we explain how to play 3 Card Poker – using a recommended strategy – and provide some detail on the various bets and rules.

Poker players love to play 3 Card Poker at the casino as the game requires some of the knowledge needed to play multiplayer poker games, such as Texas Hold’em. It is important to point out that, whilst very similar to the traditional poker ladder, the 3 Card Poker game has one significant difference from the usual poker hand values in that a Straight (consecutively valued cards) has more value than a Flush (cards of the same suit).

Online Casinos feature 3 Card Poker – some have two versions of the game – and playing is easy and rewarding. 3 Card Poker is played with one standard 52 card deck which is shuffled after each hand. In essence, you are playing two games in one: one hand against the dealer (via the Ante bet and Play bet) and one to be rewarded irrespective of what the dealer has (this is the Pair Plus bet).

Pair Plus Bet
You can play the Pair Plus game without an Ante bet. The cards you are dealt correlate to the payout you are rewarded with, irrespective of what the dealer’s hand is. As the name suggests, to be paid at all, the player must hit a pair at least from the 3 cards dealt. Payout schedule as follows:

  • Straight Flush 40-1
  • Three of a Kind 30-1
  • Straight 6-1
  • Flush 4-1
  • Pair Even Money

Ante and Play Bets
Again, these bets can be placed with or without the Pair Plus bet. Having placed your initial Ante bet, you are dealt three cards. Based on the quality of the hand - the dealer’s hand is not yet revealed - the player can either fold and lose the Ante bet or place a Play bet to continue the hand. The Play bet is of the same value as the Ante bet. The player is up against the dealer’s hand which is revealed once the player has folded or placed his Play Bet.

If the dealer fails to receive a hand of a pair or better, and not have a card of the value of at least the Queen, the player’s hand wins as the dealer does not “qualify”. This can be advantageous for the player as a hand with very low value can still beat the dealer. However, it can be a disadvantage too as, to get full reward for an excellent hand and to receive bonus chips, the dealer must qualify!

Rough Guide Tips:

  • Always play the Pair Plus box and stake half of what you do on the Ante bet.
  • If you have a Queen and a Nine or better, do not fold and place your Play bet.

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